ICC Specialized Services & Capabilities

Integrated Container Corp specializes in the level of service for a complete understanding of the customers operational needs. In addition ICC and the customer will collectively understand the scope of work and the customers expectations for success.

ICC then develops creative solutions for the customers business to evaluate.

Only then will ICC be able to create and evolve the waste disposal and recycle stream handling process.

ICC is the leading provider of integrated and specialized industrial based disposal and recycling supply companies in our area. Our firm has been increasing its partner base and revenue since early 2000, and we service some of the area's leading industries.

Waste Disposal &
Commercial Recycling:

  • Waste Disposal
  • Handling of specialized waste products
  • Ash and sludge hauling
  • Bailing capabilities
  • Wood pallet recycling

Specialized Services:

  • Design and procurement of specialized containers
  • Develop innovative inexpensive ways to collect recyclable materials
  • Detailed recycling and waste disposal reports
  • Maximize revenue for recyclable materials
  • Warehousing and Transportation capabilities


  • Import / Export capabilities
  • Developing recycle streams that generate revenue for our partners
  • Contract labor
  • Pre-Job analysis and planning
  • Customized procedures and equipment
  • Performance monitoring
  • Quantifiable continuous improvement
  • WE SPECIALIZE in integration of area specific tasks and plant procedures
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